Apart from using the strategy to buy Instagram followers, there are other ways that you can be followed on your Instagram:

Don’t have to follow for follow

It is something that is quite tempting but you don’t have to do it. if you see someone who has 7400 followers but are following 7450 people, it means that the content is not of high quality and they are only trying to pad the count of their follower by having to click each follow button which they come across.

Build an audience which is engaging that normally takes patience and time. If you have a strategy on social media for your brand of B2B, to follow others just for the sake of following you back will not bring you to the much needed results.

Be honest and real

Things can start to feel quite fake while on Instagram. Check out the life of each person and you will find that everyone has their own imperfection. There is nobody who has a kitchen which is 100% clean. You don’t have to be afraid to be authentic, creating content that people can be able to relate to.  To highlight quirks for your business might win some people to your side.

Even though it will be curated to a particular degree, to post content which is user generated, employee quotes or third party content, which will be able to shed light on what the brand you have prioritizes and values. To use Instagram stories tools might a good way of showcasing your company culture or the personality which is unique. If a video is something which you are comfortable about, then try it.

The Instagram story that you have need to make some sense without or with the user audio turned on. According to a survey carried out, 29% of the people that watch Instagram stories that always watch while the sound is on. Using subtitles/captions is one way of ensuring that you communicate your message for either scenario.

Don’t brag a lot

If you win an award, that is something that is super and you need to post about it anyway. But you should avoid making accolades, reviews and certifications and reviews that you post mostly. Along the same line, you don’t have to spend a lot of time talking about your service or product and why it might be amazing.

Spending very little time to do that is the best thing that you can do. People are not following you on Instagram account for promotional content. They would be able to see a side of your organization or yours that makes you to be human. They want to be creatively inspired and they would want to laugh at it.

Publish content that is timely

Stay on top of latest events, pop culture and industry news as it will help  you in boosting interactions with your Instagram account. You need to keep an eye for what is upcoming or currently trending and how you can use it on your page.

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