Are you obsessed with your iPhone to an extent of crying when it’s damaged? Has ever get crashed at the palm of your hand? If not, be very attentive with your gadget since they are delicate and in no time, they can be no more. However, in this article, we’re guiding you on simple steps on how to fix your dead iPhone until it comes to life.

Our specialists prescribe these 3 hints of an iPhone repair to bring your phone back to life. If that is you searching for alternatives to fix your phone, then you are lucky to find this post. Without further ado, let’s dive in;

  • Examine your battery
  • Restart your phone
  • Reestablish to Factory Settings

Examine your battery

Completely released batteries are the main source of iPhones not giving light on the screen.  Charge your phone by ensuring the plug is on and stand by the 30-an hour with the goal that your gadget can get enough capacity to begin once more.

Whenever you’ve hung tight for this timeframe, give turning it a shot. Look at our battery life tips in the event that you need your battery to last more. It merits testing two unique chargers to preclude link issues as well. If you find that a flawed battery is an offender, we can swap it for you.

Restart your phone

In the event that your iPhone actually won’t control on in the wake of charging, proceed onward to the exemplary. Reboot your iPhone by pressing and holding down the on/off catch for a couple of moments ordinarily, you’ll see it at the correct edge, yet in the event that you own an iPhone 4/5/SE, you’ll see it at the top edge.

 If you own an iPhone X, you need to press the volume-up catch and the sides catch. You may likewise need to attempt power restarting an iPhone? Look at our phone restarting guide.

Reestablish to Factory Settings

On the off chance that none of the past advances get your iPhone to turn on, you can take a stab at reestablishing to plant settings employing iTunes.  Also, regardless of whether you haven’t attempted the past advances, you should verify whether your iPhone is as yet under guarantee with Apple. Provided that this is true, and your issue isn’t brought about by equipment or water harm, visit the Apple Support site – they may have the option to fix the issue for nothing.


Fixing your phone won’t take you centuries if you follow the above points such as inspecting your battery, reestablishing to factory setting, and forcefully restarting your phone to make things back in order.

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