So why is it that everyone seems to be going for Windows 10 pro upgrade for their home and business use? The following are some of the attractive things that are pulling people towards it:

WDAG – Edge security blanket

One of the main feature which is in Windows is the Windows Defender application guard, which is a type of a super sandbox that is a sort of a browser which was restricted to the Windows enterprise versions before but has been added to the Windows 10 Pro edition.

The WDAG is able to create to your edge browser, a virtual sandbox, although you will require to turn off the feature in the control panel: Control panel, programs and then you turn the feature on and off as you wish. if you are using the dark depth of web to browse, you should ensure that WDAG is enabled.

You have to remember that WDAG is not allowing you to run in the extension and favorites might not have to carry over in case you open a window with WDAG. You might not load file, unless you change everything in the policy setting. WDAG is a secure way in Microsoft to surf the web, but it has been overtaken by the sandbox.

The windows sandbox

The WDAG used to be the goto choice for web surfing, but the sandbox is an improvement of the same. You should think of the sandbox as a WDAG upgrade or a slight downgrade as far as a full-fledged hyper-V window is concerned. The Sandbox essentially providing a way that is simplified in launching a virtual that is self-contained environment without the requirement of the license keys or anything else for that matter

Sandbox is used to test apps, like the random utility that you might bump into on the web and are not quite sure what it is all about or a malware. The sandbox is able to carve out a part of your operating system to use it, and whenever you close the window, everything that is within that window disappears.

 There is one main difference between WDAG and Sandbox; if you download  a file in WDAG, it remains in the virtual environment. The sandbox files get downloaded to your PC and you can readily access them in the Sandbox app. That is what makes things to be less secure though convenient.

The sandbox can as well be utilized as a way of securely surfing the web. Even though the default environment of the Sandbox has Windows installations which are bare bones, with edge, you can be able to down chrome or whatever other app you wish to.

The sandbox does not offer any anonymity like the one the private browsing mode which your browser offers. But still. It tends to be satisfying see the browser plus any other history vanishing once you close the browse. So it is okay to say that, the sandbox is a good option for using when browsing the web for security purposes.

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