If you are wondering how to buy Instagram followers, there are so many sources from which you can buy real and active Instagram followers. These include;

  1. Growthoid- they offer a manual growth service. They also help target their audience for you by finding similar profiles to yours.
  2. GrowthSilo- uses traditional growth tactics to help you use your relevant followers to grow your fan base.
  3. StormLikes- their features are specialized, exclusively for Instagram and offer custom made plans for its clients
  4. Likes- they are flexible and have affordable prices with several payment options. They focus on every aspect of Instagram, especially reputation.
  5. SidesMedia- they deliver real high quality Instagram followers within seventy-two hours. They pay people to interact with you, which means that their followers are real.
  6. PlentyGram- it specializes in tiktok and Instagram, which is to mean that they have a wider range of real followers.
  7. Social Empire- other than followers, they have other engagement options such as likes. Their only negative rule is that they do not have a refund policy.
  8. Media Mister- they are legal and their services highly recommended. They got a refund policy so you won’t really lose cash with them.
  9. Famoid- they have account management tools through which they offer self service packages with which you can customize what you want
  10. Socials Growth- they provide real followers with an offer of a lifetime warranty, which is to mean that they will replace any followers you lose in the course of your engagement.

Factors to consider before choosing a company

  • Legality– before engaging any company in buying followers, always ensure that their services are legal. If possible, consider seeing their certifications in order to avoid future losses
  • Flexibility– Is the company flexible enough to cater for your needs? Whatever supplier you settle for, should be in a position of listening to you and helping solve your problem
  • Price rate– some suppliers have very high prices for few followers. The price rate for the supplier you settle for should be within or lower than your budget.
  • Delivery time– there are some suppliers who deliver their services within three days, and there are those who take a week. Depending with the urgency of your needs, always go for the supplier who is in a position to satisfy them effectively.
  • Customer reviews and feedback– For every supplier who has been in the market for some time and has served several people, there are reviews and feedback given. These are often found in their websites. Feedback could be both positive or negative. For the negative feedback, consider how the supplier responds to them and solves their issues
  • Rating– there are customers who will receive services but do not leave any review or give feedback. These often opt for rating. The rating is often given for five stars. The higher the rate, the more the services are satisfactory

There is always a solution for everything. If you cannot manage to drive traffic to your account, go for the alternative- buying Instagram followers. The do’s and don’ts of the whole process are explained therein.

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