When you have an online business, you will also need to have an effective marketing strategy for it, which you may require some assistance with creating and implementing. The world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is forever changing, and techniques that worked well a few years ago do not work anymore. It is best to use the services of dedicated professionals that know the digital marketing world inside out, and below are some of the ways that can help with your website.

Assess The Health Of Your Website

When you start working with a digital agency in Bangkok, they will most likely look to assess your site before they do anything else. You may think that your website looks fantastic and is healthy, but this not may be the case. One of the first things a reputable digital agency should do is an audit of your website, which will help them to assess its overall health. They will not be looking at the aesthetics of the site, as they will concentrate on the factors that may be holding back your website, such as:

  • Usability of the site
  • Page loading speed
  • Content issues – including duplicate and thin content
  • Image optimisation
  • URL structure of the site
  • Backlink profile

Once they know how the site sits, they can now create a plan of action that will prioritise the fixes required and tell you what needs addressing.

Refresh The Content On Your Site

A reputable agency can assist you with the content for your website and ensure that it is engaging and relevant for your target audience. They can help include keywords in the content and raise your online visibility, helping to drive more traffic to your website. They can also assist with the UX (User Experience) of the site, and when you focus on this, it can help convert more of the traffic that comes to your website and increase sales. They can also help pad out the content and give your website more substance and help to give it more authority within your industry.

Building Your Backlink Profile

You can also use a reputable digital agency to assist you with your backlink profile. Once any potentially toxic backlinks have been disavowed, start building high-quality links to the site. The links will help increase your online presence and give your more visibility. If the agency you are using is a full-stack one, they can assist you with all the technical changes to the site and help with paid search or social media management to ensure you get the best results and see a return on your investment.

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